We are based in Oslo and support global health projects and organizations in Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia. We provide your organization with technical support, research, monitoring and evaluation advice and development of training curricula. We focus on strengthening what we believe are core pillars of successful interventions: strong evidence, ongoing training, and support and motivated teams.

Candela Iglesias

Founder and Director

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Candela’s aspiration is to do her part to ensure good health and wellbeing for all, especially the most vulnerable. She is passionate about using evidence to improve programmes in humanitarian and development settings. For years, she has worked supporting international and local actors to strengthen their results by using interventions that are proven to work, strengthening their data and reinforcing leadership and teambuilding.

She holds an MSc in Public Health from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and did her PhD research and Masters in Microbiology-Virology at the Pasteur Institute in Paris.

Candela has over 18 years of experience on HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases, along with experience in Epidemic preparedness and response, Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Maternal, Child and Adolescent health, gender equity, psychosocial support and mental health programmes.

She has worked with NGOs, multilateral organizations, academia and health institutions in Latin America, Africa, Europe and  Southeast Asia supporting them in:

  • Developing health and psychosocial support programmes.
  • Analysing results and sharing lessons learned in adequate forums.
  • Understanding and setting up monitoring and evaluation systems.
  • Strengthening program management and organizational processes.
  • Training individuals in leadership skills and public speaking/advocacy.
  • Designing and imparting workshops to train facilitators in health issues (HIV-AIDS, Sexual health, qualitative and quantitative data analysis).

Candela has authored several research papers. She is also the author of “Build Your Dream Team. Leadership based in a passion for people”, and the founder of Sekkan Leadership, a platform helping people from non-managerial careers, particularly in the sciences and health fields, to become stronger leaders.

Rochelle Caruso

Project Manager - Research

Rochelle is an Alanda Project Manager. Rochelle is a committed global health professional who prides herself on creating educational social media content and context-based solutions for our clients and partners. 

Rochelle is an educator, having tutored on Maastrict University’s Global Health Master’s course and working as an English teacher in Vietnam for two years. She has substantial qualitative and quantitative research experience. Rochelle holds a Masters of Global Health from Maastricht University and a Bachelor’s of Science in Biochemistry from the University of Lethbridge.

Rochelle is passionate about ensuring a more equitable future for everyone, with a special interest in sexual and reproductive health and child health. Her expertise is in finding innovative and functional solutions to global health and educational challenges.

Emmi Weller

Project Manager - Health Communications

Emmi holds a European Joint Master’s degree in Health Economics and Management awarded jointly by the University of Oslo, University of Bologna, and Management Center Innsbruck, and has a background in Global Public Health. She is currently working at Alanda Health as a Project Manager, after first joining the organisation as an intern. She has previous work experience in the fields of infectious disease epidemiology and sexual and reproductive health.  

Her passion for solving global health challenges arose after living several years in Latin America, where she witnessed how cultural and geographical barriers were hindering access to health services and learnt more about public health problems faced by developing countries. 

Having lived in eight countries and speaking four languages fluently, Emmi enjoys working in a multicultural environment with diverse colleagues.