We are based in Oslo and support global health projects and organizations in Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia. We provide your organization with technical support, research, monitoring and evaluation advise and development of training curricula. We focus on strengthening what we believe are core pillars of successful interventions: strong evidence, ongoing training and support and motivated teams.

Candela Iglesias

Founder and Director

Read her interview for the LSHTM Alumni blog here
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Candela’s aspiration is to do her part to ensure good health and wellbeing for all, especially the most vulnerable. She is passionate about using evidence to improve programmes in humanitarian and development settings. For years, she has worked supporting international and local actors to strengthen their results by using interventions that are proven to work, strengthening their data and reinforcing leadership and teambuilding.

She holds an MSc in Public Health from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and did her PhD research and Masters in Microbiology-Virology at the Pasteur Institute in Paris.

Candela has over 18 years of experience on HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases, along with experience in Epidemic preparedness and response, Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Maternal, Child and Adolescent health, gender equity, psychosocial support and mental health programmes.

She has worked with NGOs, multilateral organizations, academia and health institutions in Latin America, Africa, Europe and  Southeast Asia supporting them in:

  • Developing health and psychosocial support programmes.
  • Analysing results and sharing lessons learned in adequate forums.
  • Understanding and setting up monitoring and evaluation systems.
  • Strengthening program management and organizational processes.
  • Training individuals in leadership skills and public speaking/advocacy.
  • Designing and imparting workshops to train facilitators in health issues (HIV-AIDS, Sexual health, qualitative and quantitative data analysis).

Candela has authored several research papers. She is also the author of Build Your Dream Team. Leadership based in a passion for people, and the founder of Sekkan Leadership, a platform helping people from non-managerial careers, particularly in the sciences and health fields, to become stronger leaders.

Coralie Gagnard
Project Manager

Whilst living in different parts of Southern Africa and Latin-America, Coralie developed a special interest in equitable access to healthcare for all. She is now pursuing the European Master’s in Health Economics and Management, with a specialization in Global Health, and already holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration.

Personal experiences shaped her passion for solving global health issues with innovative solutions. Coralie enjoys developing educational content for Alanda’s online platforms. She is known for her enthusiasm and connecting people and organizations in order to achieve project goals with multidisciplinary teams.

Tinnie Louie
Research Assistant

I had always enjoyed promoting health and wellness, but initially tried to forge my path into medicine. Though I was studying for a BS in Biomedical Sciences, most of my experiences were public health related. I experienced the turning point from my interest in medicine to public health when I interned at my university’s Health and Wellness department. 

I worked tirelessly to develop and promote our campaign for students to become active bystanders. Our goal was to minimize unwanted sexual harassment among students on and off-campus. Through this experience, I have learned that it takes a whole community to create a movement.

Francesco Villa
Public Health Intern

Francesco is a young global health professional driven by a strong motivation toward reducing health inequalities and protecting the universal right to health, especially for the most vulnerable. With a background in physiotherapy from the University of Milan and a recent master’s degree in Global Health from Maastricht University, he has experience as a health professional in the public health system where he worked in multicultural teams and limited resources settings. He is an enthusiastic team player passionate about teamwork and leadership. In the field, he developed a profound interest in NGOs and project management.  At Alanda, he wishes to put all these elements together and learn more about how to develop effective interventions based on global evidence. 

Rameen Tahir
Public Health Intern

Rameen is a dentist from Pakistan, curious to understand the disparity and inequality in the delivery of healthcare services. She stepped outside the pre-existing boundaries of clinical dentistry to explore the field of public health by pursuing the Master of Public Health at Cardiff University. She further advanced her research skills with another Master degree in Comparative Effectiveness Research from Université Paris Cité. Rameen is motivated and passionate about improving healthcare services beyond the dental chair. She has experience working at a dental hospital, community healthcare units, NGOs, and public health research team at Inserm-France. Now she is here at Alanda to support and learn from Alanda Health’s vision to improve global health around the world.


Jami Johnson Darkoh

Senior Consultant

Jami Johnson Darkoh is an international development expert with 16 years of experience working with multilateral organizations, civil society organizations, government, and the private sector across more than 25 countries. Her areas of expertise include health program management and oversight, monitoring and evaluation (M&E), capacity development, and communications. 

Jami has consulted with numerous clients to improve health and development programs in low- and middle-income countries, including KPMG, UNAIDS, the Global Fund, Oxford Policy Management, the Bertha Centre for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and others. She has previously worked as the director of the UNAIDS-funded Technical Support Facility in East and Southern Africa, where she led the provision of technical assistance to HIV programs in 21 countries in the region. She has also worked as a public health and M&E specialist at the Global Fund in the areas of HIV, TB, and malaria, with a focus on West and Central Africa and the Middle East. Her experience includes programs funded by USAID, CDC, and the private sector while working with BroadReach, Mott MacDonald, and FHI 360.  

Jami has extensive experience working with vulnerable populations, and has a particular interest in gender, equity, and social innovation. She has an MPH in Global Health Promotion, an MBA in Global Management, and a certificate in International Economic Relations.