Frequently Asked Questions – Internship Opportunity

Are you thinking about applying for the internship opportunity at Alanda Health but do you still have some questions?
We have gathered all the most frequently asked questions regarding the internship and provided our answers below! 

What kind of CV or cover letter are we looking for?

We would like to read a personalised cover letter in which you 

  1. Explain why you want to work with Alanda, show us that you understand what Alanda is about. 
  2. Explain how your previous (work or study) experience, skills and education align with what we are asking for in the application, by using selected examples that let us know in more detail what skills you developed and what results you achieved. 

As for a CV, short (2 pages max), and well organised/structured CVs are easiest to read. It’s best if you provide short explanations of what you have learned and/or achieved in different study or work experiences. Your job title and the name of the organisation don’t usually provide enough information to understand the work you did. Make sure to include your language and software skills. 

Numerous online resources can help you out on how to do this. We recommend these tips from Harvard on how to create a strong CV and cover letter and Harvard Business Review’s tricks to write a compelling cover letter. You can build a professional CV with free resources such as Free Resume Builder, Zety, or Canva.

Is the internship remunerated?

The internship is not remunerated. We offer interns the opportunity to get exposure to a variety of global health issues by involving them in projects from A to Z. They will learn what it’s like to work with different international organisations and NGOs, what type of work these organisations do and how exactly are we assisting them. To enhance their skills, we also provide workshops about science communication, social entrepreneurship/business skills, and social media/marketing amongst others. Lastly, we offer three one-on-one mentoring and career development sessions to transfer knowledge and assist the intern in defining their career path.

Can I get financial compensation for costs incurred for the internship?

We do not ask interns to undertake any costs, but we understand that in some countries, data and communication costs for internet connection, that are needed to complete the work, might be high. If and when feasible, we try to cover these expenses. 

Do interns have to be online at certain times during the day or is work independent?

We have a weekly one-hour meeting at a set time and day (usually Mondays at 16 hrs CET) where the entire team gets together online. Depending on the project, additional meetings or workshops can be scheduled during the week (max 30 minutes per meeting). The rest of the week interns work independently for approximately 15 hours. Whenever possible, we estimate deadlines early on, so that all team members can schedule their working hours and potential meetings with other team members. 

Can interns work from anywhere in the world?

In theory yes, because the internship is fully remote. However, because we have a fixed weekly one-hour team meeting where everyone needs to participate, and other additional check-ins and workshops sometimes need to be scheduled, people in certain time zones might have a difficult time being present in these meetings. We therefore prioritise people situated in Africa, Europe, the Middle-East, and the Americas.

Do interns get a certificate at the end of the internship?

We can provide you with a certificate of participation at the end of the internship. Please note this internship is not accredited by any university or institution.

How do I apply for the internship?
When applying for the internship we only ask you to fill out the Google Form where we request the following information: some personal details, your availability, your CV and personalised cover letter (in a PDF format). Because we will be hiring on a roller basis and we keep the Google Form open until we have found our potential ideal candidates, we advise you to apply as soon as possible. Upon filling out the form, a confirmation message will appear on your screen, mentioning that your application is automatically saved and will be reviewed by our team. 

Do I need to provide additional certificates, references or copies of diplomas when sending my application? 

No, when applying for the internship we only ask you to fill out the Google Form where we ask you for some personal details, your availability, and to upload your CV and personalised cover letter. Upon completing and sending that Google Form, your application will automatically be saved and reviewed by our team. 

When will I get a response on my application?

We understand that tailoring your CV and writing a personalised cover letter takes time and effort and we value everyone who applies. We estimate to review all applications and send out invitations to interview by 21 August. We will always let you know whether or not you are invited for an interview. However, we cannot guarantee to provide people with personalised feedback on their application due to the large volume of applications we receive. 

We thank you for your interest in Alanda Health and we look forward to reading your application.

Still in doubt about something? Send us an email at
(We’re a small team, so please follow the application process. Applications via email will not be considered.)



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